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My family and I had been looking for a source of Pastured, Non-GMO, and Soy-Free eggs. We have a large family with varied diets, and some big egg eaters. Two of those egg eaters are growing boys, and I have become increasingly concerned about the concentrated phyto-estrogens found in eggs from the store.

Not only this, but people who think they cannot eat chicken eggs, are sometimes actually sensitive to what the chickens are eating… soy and low-quality feed. Many people find that their issues go away when they source soy-free eggs from chickens who are on pasture, eating bugs and living their best lives!

Soy-free eggs are quite hard to find, but I discovered that some dear family friends on the North side of Fort Wayne raise their chickens on pasture, and feed them Organic, Soy free, and Non-GMO Feed. And now they also receive the crop residue each week from my organic microgreens trays!

I have already started enjoying the eggs from Dutch Ridge, and I know many of my delivery clients are looking for more ways that they can ensure the food they feed their families is as healthy as possible.

So, I am accepting weekly subscriptions for these eggs. Now you can have the very healthiest local eggs available, with the convenience of a home delivery!
You can submit your standing order on the Order Request Page, and I will get in touch to set you up.